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[16:47:51] Hasyr: Maybe I should tell BS personnel to start calling me "My lord."

[16:47:54] Hasyr: And bow and stuff.

[16:47:58] David_Salohah: go for it

[16:48:08] David_Salohah: i want all RA people to start calling me "My Director"

[16:48:30] Hume: I want everyone to call me "My Little Pony"

[16:48:34] David_Salohah: i'll do that

[16:48:37] Summoning: I'll do that

[16:48:46] David_Salohah: as long as i don't have to call you my stallion or something...

[16:48:53] Joshua_Pink: I demand that everyone in the combine call me master

[16:49:22] Hume: its your fault your "husband" name is a woman's

[16:49:25] Hume: not*

[16:49:28] Hume: its not your

[16:49:37] Hume: I really need to work on these typos

[16:49:39] Summoning: it is, my little pony

[16:49:39] * Hasyr laughs at Hume

[16:49:40] Capt_Falcon|behind_the_bar: that is not a woman name

[16:49:45] Hume: Jessy?

[16:49:45] Hasyr: Jessy...rofl

[16:49:45] Summoning: yup little pony

[16:49:46] Hume: oh come on

[16:49:54] Hasyr: Hume made a funny.

[16:49:56] Hume: ask the makers of "Po*emon"

[16:50:00] * David_Salohah laughs at his little pony

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