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Alex Tylger

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Year -1 Day 28

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Hapes Consortium

The Hapes Consortium is a galactic government in the Star Wars Combine. Its foundation date, Year -1 Day 28, stems from its creation by Andrew Starfyre in the Star Wars Simulation (SWSIM), the spiritual predecessor of the Combine which existed circa 1997.


A total of 63 inhabited planets set in a cluster of stars never charted by space travelers. The systems, shrouded in mystery to this day, are home to a government that strikes fear in the hearts of many a pirate. Owing its name to the cluster, the Hapes Consortium has remained off-limits to outsiders for centuries.

With little interest in the scheming galactic struggle for fleeting power of dominion, the Consortium finds all that matters most in the comforts of home. That of the Cluster. The fierce Royal Hapan Armed Forces has long protected the borders of this home. No one enters, at pain of death.

Yet times are changing, and as the universe takes on a more complex shape so too do the ripples touch the outer borders of Hapes. In recent times the Consortium, in an unprecedented gesture, opened the system of Lorell to the galaxy.

Much good has come out of this decision, turning the quiet peripheral system into a bustling centre of both cultural and economic supremacy. But traditions do not change overnight, and the rest of the Cluster still remains shut from the outside world. Waiting to be discovered.

Join now and be part of a culture steeped in tradition, quickening to a world that lies waiting. Join now, and discover your true self. Your destiny awaits.


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