Name - Haor Chall Engineering
Founded - Year 7 Day 35
Faction Type - Vehicle.
Leader Title - Chief Loony
Current CEO - Kieran Traejik
Capital Sector - Centrality
Capital System - Trammis
Member of -Glactice Star Union
Website - (1)


Haor Chall was once led by a group of religious fanatics who were intent on creating the perfect vehicles. During the clone wars they were approached by the Separatists in order for their engineering feats to be used against The Republic.

Haor Chall was quite successful in their role within the Separatist's camp. So successful, that in fact, several Jedi were sent out on a mission in hopes to cripple the facilities and thus the company itself. Their efforts succeeded and Haor Chall was crippled for a time, with some of there outlying facilities being absorbed by rival organizations.

Then one day Viceroy Horley Cyan came across the data concerning Haor Chall and all that it was in its glory days, this information intrigued Horley and became a great idea to press upon for a future project.

With the return of Viceroy Corbin Esco, this was the perfect time for Horley to step down from leading the Trade Federation and get back into a more simpler and undoubtedly more exciting way of life. He decided that it was time to return another long forgotten great name and manufacturing tradition back to what it once was.

Such a task would have been near impossible if it wasn't for the most recent and interesting discoveries during Horley Cyan's term as Viceroy of the Trade Federation. It had come to his attention through a routine security sweep of a recruit of his that he had unknowingly recruited and trained his half brother Kelfador Cyilan in the policies and procedures of the Domestic Affairs department.

With this unknown part of his mysterious family past now surfaced, the two of them joined forces to make a name for themselves and their family in the private sector of business.

Haor Chall saw an era of prosperity for a time until Kelfador was tragically struck down in a mysterious death. With other projects on the table Horley sought out his good friend Maximus Archer to take control of HCE while Horley pursued other ventures for a time.

Maximus was installed as CEO of Haor Chall. And as impressive young executive Security Chief Tillja Rumpskin was promoted to Vice President. Together they are currently striving to bring Haor Chall Engineering to the fore front of vehicle production in the galaxy.

Unfortunately Haor Chall Engineering went through some rather forced and nasty changes in management. Not only was Tillja Rumpskin, former Vice President given his walking papers from the Leader, Maximus Archer; but mere weeks later, Maximus Archer suddenly snapped and in an effort to leave Haor Chall Engineering as quickly as possible, took the lives of 7 hard working and honest employees of Haor Chall.

After some major reshuffling the old owner of Haor Chall Enineering came back to see what the faction had become. After see the devastation he promoted Kieran Traejik to the post of Leader and CEO of Haor Chall Engineering. Under his leadership the he managed to rebuild the faction to the level is was before and to increase production and worker morale which hit an all time low with the betrayal

With the return of an old friend of the faction Cretaceous Corral as Vice president and closer links with other CIS Factions and Hoar's continued growth in Centrality the faction looks set to be a major vehicle producer for time to come.

But such things were not to last. After years of success under the leadership of Kieran Traejik, Horley Cyan started a war with Haor Chall, causing them to lose control of two panets, he took over one, and various groups took over the other. These events caused the callapse of Kieren Traejik's health.

Ownership of the Company passed to a young Falleen named Kyria Wild, who moved in to help the struggling company, her first moves were to promote Cretaceous Corral to the leadership til Kieran Traejik recovered, recruit one of Tion Hegemony's personel with experience in build wars, and to back Kaos in their bid to build a military force.

Despite galactic scorn and many believing that HCE would not survive the war, Kyria Wild managed to eventually regain control of Trammis VI, and made a deal with Horley Cyan where she ceeded him one planet in Foh. Unfortunately Horley Cyan and Semco took Foh for a short time, but very quickly the system was regained by the partnership between HCE and Kaos.

Once the war was over the long road to rebuilding the company had to begin. With Kieran Traejik's return to full health, he was once again put in charge of HCE and once more wore the company's affectionate title for him "Head Loony" and the company has been moving forward re-opening the factories closed for the war.

HCE is currently allied with the Galactic Star union, which includes the Former Kaos factions now know as the Azure Empire, Quantum Medical, Solar Defense Agency, Church of Reanesucru, Telma Coperation and the intergalactic bank.

Current Production ModelsEdit

Offensive Ground VehiclesEdit

Hoverscout Not available for public sale
MTV-7 Price 300k

Wikipedia: Year 120 (CXX) was a leap year starting on Sunday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar. »[1][2][3][4]

Other vehiclesEdit

Cloud Car Airspeeder Price 300k
V-35 Courier Price 200k
U-9000 Z001 Price 300k
FK-7 Airspeeder special order, contact Kieran Traejik
Groundhog special order, contact Kieran Traejik
Alazhixazha special order, contact Kieran Traejik

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Seltiss-2 Caravel Price 3.5mill Made to order
Heavy Transport Barge 750K

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Heavy Cargo Mk II special order, contact Kieran Traejik
Benetti B-68 Price 1m


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