Hal Gevant
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Hal Gevant is the acting President of Akheton Vehicle Corporation. Hal is tall with dark hair and wears a hard wearing black flight suit. At his right hand side hangs a blaster and at his left hangs his data pad, containing all his contacts, and material lists.


For many years, Hal Gevant lead a quiet life as a freighter captain around Corellia, until he left the sector to see more of the galaxy, and to begin his adventures with the Raptor Pirates.

After almost a year in the service of the warlord PaulDaJedi and reaching the rank of Navy Commander, Hal decided to go straight and joined Akheton Mining Corporation. Hal has spent most of his career since then rising through the Akheton corporation, and after a stint working for Alex Tylger at Storm One Recycling, Hal returned to Akheton, where Dverol Nact made him Vice President.

Dark times befell the Akheton Corporation in the third quarter of Year 7, firstly the original mining arm was severed, and secondly, AVC's founder, Dverol Nact, was murdered by the villainous Lamy Homo, but only after, sensing his end was near, Dverol gave over the entire corporation to Hal.

Hal, and those that remained loyal to the Akheton Corporation struggled for a while, but quickly began to rebuild, they knew that time was all they need, and Naboo would look after them, as they would look after it.

After a year Hal retired from running Akheton Corporation. His chosen successor Jenos Idanian is still running things well and has added Akheton Transport Services and created Akheton Mining Corporation once more, taking the corporation to three factions for the first time in it's history.

Now, Hal tries to watch Akheton grow from retirement, helping out here and there when he can, it was his intention to spend most of his time traveling the galaxy, but he never seems to get too far from Naboo before he's back.

Hal is now President of AVC, (again), while Jenos takes some leave, and is looking forward to getting his hands dirty again, getting right down to the factory floor.

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