SWC-Members Edit

[17:32:02] [Sadow] FS: JM5000's [310k each], a Jawa brawler [25k], a prison [for auction], 2 Koro-2's [29k each] :: WTB: cheap YT-1210's :: PM me if you're interested.
[17:32:18] [Grim_Shear] jawa brawler = lolz

PM Between Trent Hackworth and Grim Shear Edit

[17:34:11] [Trent_Hackworth]
[17:34:33] [Grim_Shear] I've been quoted?
[17:34:38] [Grim_Shear] weeee!
[17:34:40] [Trent_Hackworth] Yep
[17:35:20] [Grim_Shear] now I must remain witty and cunning to justify such attentions :P

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