[19:21:56] ° Mr_Tel looks for an online game to play
[19:22:16] [HuruMorDae] i suggest swcombine >.>
[19:22:32] ° Gorsceu knows he gonna get attacked for this, but says anyways
[19:22:40] [Gorsceu] I heard of some game named runescape... :d
[19:23:03] ° Kieran_Traejik rips gavins arms off and berats him to death with them
[19:23:08] ° Rogmi_Talzuk nails Gorsceu to a stake and shoots him with a shotgun
[19:23:10] [Kieran_Traejik] *beats
[19:23:34] ° Gorsceu tries to duck and run behind his hutt
[19:23:45] ° Rogmi_Talzuk blows up the hutt
[19:23:55] ° Gorsceu pulls out another
[19:24:22] ° Rogmi_Talzuk blows it up again
[19:25:08] ° Gorsceu grabs his 3rd one
[19:25:10] ° Kieran_Traejik hefts a tango delta.. triggers the arming stud and chucks it in gorsceu's direction then runs far and fast... 5 second fuse
[19:25:54] ° Gorsceu sighs, stops, and waves with a smile to the audience as the fuse shortens
[19:28:10] ° Rogmi_Talzuk leans over towards Gorsceu and says, any plans on blowing up sometime this hour?
[19:29:24] ° Gorsceu goes BOOM as Rogmi leans over

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