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Garth Tanner
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Garth Tanner is a former member of the JUGANOTH Mining Corporation. He is a daring fellow much like the swashbucklers of old. His usual attire consists of black pants, a white or light blue shirt and his nerfhide flight jacket. A modified DL-44 blaster is holstered on his right thigh with a second modified scout blaster in a shoulder holster. He has no visible markings.[2]

Biography - Year 2Edit

Though not sure were he was born Garth calls space his home. His earliest memories are of flying, with his merchant father, and of not knowing his mother, but flying was something he picked up fairly quickly, at quite a young age. It made him some, easy money, that he just as easily lost playing Sabacc. Then came one fateful journey, a journey his father had made a dozen times, but on this one occasion, failed to return from. Garth believes that the Empire is behind his fathers' disappearance, (only for the fact he was running supplies for Rebellion sympathizers), and has made a pact to find those responsible, and exact vengeance. He has recently joined the ranks of JUGANOTH Mining, becoming the head of the Transportation Division.[3]

Biography - Year 7Edit

Born in space with no planet to really call home, Garth has always called space his home. His mother, a native of Tatooine, died when he was young, but his father, a Corellian merchant raised him well enough on his own, teaching him at an early age how to handle himself and the family transport. Flying became second nature and transporting cargo made him easy money, that he lost just as easily playing Sabacc. Then came one fateful trip. A routine run that his father had made a dozen times over, but on this one occasion, had failed to return from. Garth believed then, as he does now, that there was an Imperial presence behind his fathers' disappearance, but only for the fact that he was running supplies for Rebellion sympathizers on the last leg of the journey. He has sworn an oath to find those responsible and exact vengeance. For a time he did some odd jobs for a man known only as Friar Blues. When Friar left the known systems, he rewarded Garth with his own ship. A YT-1300 the Wilde Quest.[2]


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