Gara Rigel
Gara Rigel
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Date of birth

Year 11 Day 104

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1.7018 meters

Eye color

Dark Green

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Gara Rigel is a female twi'lek working as an unarmed brawler. Gara is 1.7018 meters tall and weighs 54.54 kilograms. She has dark green eyes and her skin is colored a rich blue She wears traditional female twi'lek clothing, which allows her to have the greatest maneuverability. She is very, physically fit.



Born on Year 11 Day 104 BCGT, in the city of Sal'kaasa, Gara spent her childhood near the equatorial regions of Ryloth. Although the small settlement boasted a small spaceport, it was far away from Ryloth's main urban zones, and even contained certain ancient technologies, such as windmills and turbines used to power some of their homes. Gara was recruited at a young age by a group of fighter's that protected the settlement from lyleks, dangerous predators that survived in the Bright Lands of Ryloth, after one destroyed her home and killed all of her family members.

She soon became a specialist in unarmed combat and in Year 7 CGT was invited to the city of the Clan 'Katr Royal Council, where many professional fighters sought employment with galactic travellers. She took up residency with a fellow twi'lek trained in the medical arts named Teela Dronos, with whom she shared a dwelling for two years.

Agha TorabEdit

Late on the evening of Year 9 Day 300, Gara received a call from her training barracks which often coordinated with the local hospital, that an executive director from the vehicle manufacturer Ubrikkian Industries named Agha Torab had just arrived in the city and was looking to hire unarmed brawlers and medics for his faction. Many galactic travelers enjoyed having sparring partners during long hyperspace flights, and Agha chose ten brawlers and ten medics, including Gara and Teela who gladly gathered their belongs and boarded the Drop Ship Transport Kestrel 10, where they were surprised to be greeted by a geonosian named Raena Marisel, who had been hired as a ship greeter by Agha weeks prior.

Gara Rigel (combine)

When the party reached the planet of Tatooine in the neighboring Tatoo system, all of the new employees except for Gara and Teela were sent for transport to the new Ubrikkian headquarters on Kashyyyk where they would be designated for assignment. The two females had been personally hired to accompany Agha on his trips around the galaxy, and remained with him aboard his assigned ship to perform the duties they had been assigned.

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