Greetings fellow citizens of this fine galaxy.

I've come here today before you to present the improved News System.

Currently we are following the Galactic Database (SWC DB). Therefor you have, the CMG leader, can grant access to members.

In ICIS you can assign privileges to people.

1) Post Messages ability , if you have the ability in ICIS to send messages, you can also post in the Social News (SN) from the GNS

2) PP Assign Ship or Vehicle , you can post in the Military News SN

3) PP Manage Money , you can post in the Economy News SN

4) PP Governor , you can post in the Political News SN

5) PP Leader , you can post in all Sections SN

These privileges can be assigned to your members in ICIS by using the assign privileges menu.

If you have any questions, please contact me. Mostly I can be found cruising around in my Ship or drinking a few beers in the Scorpio Starship (IC Chat Room), if you cannot find me there, please drop a message on my mail comlink with the address :

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