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Galactic Broadcasting Network

The Galactic Broadcasting Network (GBN) was one of the Star Wars Combine's most prominent news agencies circa Year 1 and Year 2. It was one of three news organizations vying for control of public opinion. Its notable rivals were the Mos Eisley Inquirer and The Galactic Gossip.

The Galactic Broadcasting Network first gained popularity due to independent editorials written by Ran Starlighter. Following Ran Starlighter's marriage to Lowana Beloy — a prominent member of the Rebel Alliance — Starlighter was accused of having pro-Alliance sympathies and the reputation of the Galactic Broadcasting Network suffered as a result.

In the hopes of restoring the network's earlier reputation as a neutral information source, Starlighter departed the organization and sought work elsewhere. Upon his departure, the Galactic Broadcasting Network fell into disarray and over half of its writers resigned. Following its dissolution, Starlighter joined the Rebel Alliance.

Circa Year 2, the Galactic Broadcasting Network purportedly became a subsidiary of the Galactic Empire, and began formally displaying the Imperial logo on its website. Thenceforward, the majority of its articles were heavily slanted in favor of the Empire and were often duplicates of press releases distributed by the Imperial News Grid.


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