Galactic Bank was envisioned as a bank to fulfill the financial needs of all sentients of the Galaxy. It was formed on Year 10 Day 34 as a private enterprise between founders Lord [Tovakinpi Toshkhan] and Evan Crawford.


Galactic Bank started as a brainchild of two former officers in the Royal Hapan Armed Forces. They found that there was no immediate source for them to deposit and save money or find a suitable loaner for projects. Evan Crawford went on to study economics and finances at several universities, diversifying his banking knowledge. Tovakinpi Toshikhan stayed back to make contacts and help build up the business partners' finances. After securing a firm hold on the banking industry, Evan and Tovakinpi moved on to setting up their bank's headquarters in a remote system known as Ketaris. The capital of the financial community was planned to be established on Artheuniac.

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