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New Republic

Frank Moss is a human from the planet Rodia, he currently is working under the New Republic.

Physical Description Edit

Frank Moss is a muscular male Rodian human, he is not tall but large compared to most people. He has short black hair and he has dark eyes that show just how serious he can be. He tends to keep his facial hair short and clean. He usually dresses casually, but knows how and where to dress more professionally.

History Edit

Early lifeEdit

Frank Moss was born on the planet of Rodia, he grew up as an only child that always seemed to catch on to new things too late. The first time he had ever seen a droid was after finally leaving homeschooling at the age of ten. His parents were overly-protective as life outside was filled with dangers and they felt the need to always protect him.

Adult lifeEdit

As he grew however he lost touch with his parents, deciding that he should leave at the age of 16 ironically,given his upbringing, an early age for children from Rodia. This began Frank's adult life as he was finally on his own. The biggest reason he left was to become more of an independent person, but the longer he stayed away, the more dependant on others he became. Somehow for 3 years Frank survived without a Job on the money he was given as he left Rodia.

Loss of ParentsEdit

At the age of 20 he found out that both his parents were brutally murdered by a known killer who lived on Coruscant, his new homeplanet. Frank however didn't seem to care, as he has lost the love for them, chances are from . Hopefully the love comes back one day, and he will avenge them.

New Republic/ Rodia Return Edit

After the death of his parents, he returned in Rodia as he was the sole guardian of their estate. After surviving another 3 years on the money of other's he enlisted into the New Republic

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