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Frederic "Fizzban" Weymann was the creator of the Star Wars Combine and, from 1998 to 2001, popularly served as its Sim Master. A German college student, Fizzban was instrumental in the early development of the simulation and, in the minds of many Combine veterans, he is regarded as its founder.


In 1998, Fizzban was a member of the Star Wars Simulation (SWSim), the spiritual predecessor of the Combine. When the SWSim dissolved, Fizzban was asked by Veynom, Spytek and PtJedi to help create a new simulation: "the Star Wars Combine." Fizzban took a lead role in the creative process and, with the assistance of Theron Nett and PtJedi, launched the Star Wars Combine website. Historically, it was on the 3rd of December 1998 that Fizzban, PtJedi and Veynom decided to start an online game on the ashes of the defunct Star Wars Simulation.

Later, Fizzban conceptualized and created the first downloadable client required to play the simulation: the Combine Commander (CCom). Released on February 14, 1999, the program was coded by Fizzban in JAVA and was primarily designed for performing administrative tasks. Fizzban also coded a second program, the HoloCom, in which the actual game-play of the simulation occurred. The HoloCom client allowed space travel, planetary movement and building navigation. Shortly thereafter, Fizzban outlined the first definitive rules regarding the time frame and setting of the Star Wars Combine.

On June 29, 1999, Fizzban appointed Ranma as Chief Editor of the Star Wars Combine, and recruited Aarkon to serve as an assistant web-designer for the simulation. Aarkon later created the "Combine Database," a Macromedia Shockwave-powered online library. More importantly, Fizzban appointed Veynom as the second Sim Master of the Star Wars Combine. Both Fizzban and Veynom would jointly serve as Sim Masters for over a year.

Due to the instability of the Combine Commander (CCom), Fizzban decided to discontinue the application in April 2000. Fizzban and a new programmer, Niko, coded the next Combine client: the Interactive Combine Information System (ICIS), a Visual Basic applet. This program had basic functions that enhanced game play such as space travel, ship docking, credit transfers, leadership functions, and character stats.

On November 13, 2001, Fizzban announced his resignation as Sim Master and soon departed the Star Wars Combine. Thenceforward, Veynom alone served as Sim Master.


During his tenure as Sim Master, Fizzban was very popular among the player membership. Perhaps his most controversial action was to depose Emperor Hiram Drayson of the Galactic Empire; thus, setting an administrative precedent. This precedent was later cited by Sim Master Veynom to justify the removal of Emperor Charon.


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