OVERVIEW:: Falleen Resource Contracts is a Crown Corporation of the Falleen Federation which is the government of the Dufilvian Sector. Our chief objective is to supply the Federation with the materials required by all three of its Ministries. We also supply Federation citizens and allies. Falleen Resource Contracts was founded on Year 6 Day 34, and was intended to be a major supplier of materials to the Falleen Federation itself. Since its\' conception, it has been the backbone of the Falleen\'s construction projects all over the Dulfivian Sector.
RECRUITMENT:: The Falleen Federation and its Crown Corporation, Falleen Resource Contracts, are dedicated to the principles of Liberty, Equality and Justice. As such the FF and FRC are accepting of other species, and have members of races other than Falleen. New recruits receive a 50,000 credit a month salary plus a 100,000 credit joining bonus and are instructed in everything they need to know. Members of FRC are considered Falleen citizens and enjoy all the benefits that come with citizenship including, among others, equal protection under the law and membership in a Falleen Plebeian clan.
CONTRACTS:: Our miners are the best in the business. Our contract negotiators are the second to none. Our secondary objective is to supplement our costs by filling private contracts. If you need those hard to find minerals, or common minerals in high volume, let Falleen Resource Contracts be your supplier. We would be honored if you joined our team of professional resource suppliers. F

Falleen Resource Contracts, the building blocks of your infrastructure.

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