::OVERVIEW:: Here at the Falleen Federal Reserve (FFR) we take pride in the greatness of our financial services. FFR, a crown corporation of the Falleen Federation, is the galaxy's premier investment institution. Our home branch can be found on the planet Falleen in the Dufilvian Sector – a prime location for banking professionals and investment gurus. We are at the heart of the galaxy’s economic boom and satellite branches are developing at an increasingly rapid pace.

::SERVICES:: The Reserve provides complete corporate-level financial services, including business loans and investments (large faction loans), mortgages (facility income planning), well respected purchase middles, and numerous options for branch franchising (sale and operation of banks and ATMs). Personal banking services are provided to members of the Falleen Federation, Falleen Resource Contracts, Falleen Naval Contracts, and select allies of the Falleen government. In everything we do the goal is to make your money safer and your capital grow. Peace of mind is guaranteed because every transaction is backed by the strength of the Falleen Federation national treasury.

Our bankers ensure the safekeeping of billions of credits and handle numerous galaxy spanning transactions each day. Their experience and desire to work for our customers in a confidential and competent manner is what makes FFR the best, safest and most reliable bank with whom everyone wants to do business. You will not regret placing your finances in our hands.

Ask our experienced bankers and accountants for details about our services and they will be more than happy to provide the best information for you. Start your business account today and experience the benefits of having your credits put to work in the Falleen Federal Reserve.

::HISTORY:: The Falleen Federal Reserve received its Royal Charter on Year 8 Day 211 from His Majesty, King Bisz Aldaris. It was founded by a group of some of the most well trusted and business oriented Falleen Federation citizens. Lead by Geno Sin`Xristos, the members of the Reserve Board answered the call to guard the Federation's treasury and the capital of the many others who chose to save and invest with FFR.

::RECRUITMENT:: The Falleen Federation is dedicated to the principles of liberty, equality and justice. As such the Federation is accepting of other species and has members of many races other than Falleen who are accepted as equals and treated as equals. The Federation has a high standardized pay scale for its officers, but all pay is based on merit and the work performed. This means that members who do not work do not get paid, but those who do work get paid very well.

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