Erik Axfow
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(can't see through sunglasses)

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Galactic Civil War



Erik Axfow is a big Wookiee.

He is notable for being the only wookiee to wear sunglasses and smoke a pipe.

Early life Edit

A little over 29 years ago, Henry Axfow begot his first son. Henry named this child Erik and raised him without a mother. Eriks mother died from a fatal disease when Erik was 7 and so Erik only really remembered his father. Henry Axfow was a politician in his area and was a strict believer in the far left wing. The reason was that he believed "the Empire" were evil and should never be allowed control of the galaxy due to slavery of the wookies. So Erik was brought up to know that everyone was equal and should be treated the same, so that one day he could be a free thinker like his father. Henry Axfow was a leading Wookiee thinker and tought his son everything he knew about politics and tried to get his son the best education possible. When Erik had finished school he joined a faction known as the "New Anzat Order" but left after realising that it wasn't where his future lay. So came a time where Erik was unemployed and gambling most of his money away. Soon he joined the freelance faction "UIS" and helped them for a while forming diplomatic relations, but unfortunately the people involved gave up on the idea of a communist faction and Eriks dream of holdng a good position in a powerful faction was shattered. Left on a strange planet he worked hard to try and get a job, but his gambling and past stopped most factions employing him.

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