Maradin_Sandwalker : we should start a band. Ezekiel, you write the lyrics. Dorn can play guitar, Selatos can play..guitar, and I'll play.... uh, guitar

@tgr316 : Call it "Stringed Up"

Ezekiel : Can i sing?

Maradin_Sandwalker : sure.

Ezekiel : I do an excellent morrissey impression

Dorn[BringerOfWar] : Strung up, Eric.

Dorn[BringerOfWar] : Strung.

@tgr316 : Oh god no.

@tgr316 : Coming from a guy who named himself Dorn, you don't get to try to be the creative arm

Dorn[BringerOfWar] : Umm.

Dorn[BringerOfWar] : Alright, Eric Jackson.

Dorn[BringerOfWar] : Means alot coming from you, Eric Jackson.

Ezekiel : *a lot

Ezekiel : HA

[Ezekiel : Corrected you bitch

Dorn[BringerOfWar] : Zeke, shut up.

[Ezekiel : You know what that means

@tgr316 : Eric Jackson is pure creative genius.

@tgr316 : Falling Dern is not.

Ezekiel : I think you'll find it's Eric Turnip Jackson

@tgr316 : Shh

@tgr316 : Stop giving away my codename, you tit!

Ezekiel : Romeo, Romeo, Delta, Tango, Charlite

Ezekiel : -t

[22:43] <ETJ> Surely you don't have the endurance for a three month sexathon

Sim NewsEdit

This is not the Simnews post you are looking for. (Posted by Eric Jackson on Year 7 Day 297)

This is not meant to indicate that the Deathmatch Tournament has been updated. This is not an indication that you should go place your votes now.

Go back to your drinks.

And for heaven's sake...

Lets not get it on. Ever.

not Eric Jackson not Deathmatch Coordinator

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