Emperor of the Galaxy is the title held by the leader of the Galactic Empire. The Emperor has virtually unlimited power within the Galactic Empire and thus the galaxy. Of the nine individuals to hold the title, all but one began their career in the Imperial Navy, although a number had long since moved into other branches of the Galactic Empire.

There is some disagreement about the order of reigns of the early Emperors. The present official Imperial History records Vodo Bonias as the second Emperor, reigning between Drayson and Suntzu. However, a number of earlier sources; including the previous Annals of the Emperors and the records of the Imperial Core War Library record him as the third. The present incumbent is Thomas Cherokee.

Separatist MovementsEdit

After the reign of Piett, the Empire was split between the supporters of Emperor Connel and Grand Admiral Veynom. Veynom departed for the Unknown Regions, but his supporters still refused to serve Connel. Dubbing themselves the Imperial Core and taking much Imperial equipment with them, the rebels formed their own government and proclaimed Veynom their Emperor. However, Veynom never returned to lead the Core and the organization later united with the Sith Order to form the Dark Empire. Vodo Bonias became Emperor of the Dark Empire.

  • Dark Emperor Gorn Veynom (Year 1 Day 214 - Year 3 Day 294)
    • Lord Protector Knyte (Year 1 Day 214 - Year 2 Day 329)
    • Lady Protector Jennifer Dreighton (Year 2 Day 329 - Year 3 Day 94)
  • Dark Emperor Vodo Bonias (Year 3 Day 94 - Year 3 Day 290)

During the reign of Vodo Bonias, a split occurred between his supporters and a loose coalition comprised largely of enlisted personnel and former Charonists. The rebels left the Empire and formed the New Imperial Order, although they refused to appoint an Emperor.

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