The Elrood system contains of planets Elrood, Tufar, Akana and several others. The population of these planets is steadily growing as the System governor - Commander Todor Ginchev does a fine job managing the system politics and economics. The system has one Shipyard II space station, which hasn't started producing its deadly products yet. The system population is over 3 million but steadily growing in the past 1-2 years. Another distinctive politician in the system is Voldemars Greste, who governs Tufar.

Planet Elrood is the capital of the system with over 2 million residents. The planet has breathable atmosphere and almost every type of climate and terrain possible. It is self sufficient on most of the raw material types. The planet is famous for its production capabilities with several factories and the shipyard TIG II of course.

Planet Tufar provides the system with the so valuable Quantum. It is growing as the second in population with near 1mil residents, although its climate is mostly harsh desert one.

Planet Akana is a vast geological resource, still scarcely used and mostly unprospected, but still main Lommite source for the system.

The system has a small Falleen presence, which firms up the good ties between the RSA and Faleen federation once more.

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