Elm Aran
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Elm Aran is the CEO and President, General of Kathol BG Dayark.


One day a human found him in a salt dazed stupor and took him in. He trained him in space travel and general skills and basically cured Elm of his salt addiction. the last remaining signs of his old addiction are his golden/greenish eyes. Elm traveled with his mentor for several years till a run to Correllia ended it all.

Elm was a pilot on a trade (Smuggler) Ship. The ship was destroyed over Correlia while on a smuggling run and escaped in a life pod. While on Corellia Elm became involved with an underground cell of rebels who help him get off planet and join the rebel cause as a member of the RA Navy after serving some time in the Navy Elm transferred to the RA Army and advanced rapidly up the ranks having found his niche within RA. While in the ranks of the ranks of the RA Elm worked within the Mining Company RMC as Executive Director before being promoted to Army XO then Army CO.

After retiring from the Army Elm joined S&K ship manufacture but decided it was not for him due to clashes with the company owner. Elm decided that his experience in the army would be of use to the Falleen Federation and joined their ranks, all so at this time Elm decided to use his mining experience to invest and lead a mining consortium by the name of Scitrok Mining Incorporated. This was going well till a major investor decided to pull out Elm was offered the Managing Directors position of Kathol Mining Corporation and a member of the Kathol Senate, which is now his present vocation and works hard to promote its growth and welfare.


Rebel Alliance: LT Commander

Navy Officer

Rebel Alliance:

Rank High General

Army CO


Faction XO

Falleen Federation:


Marine Defense CO

Scitrok Mining Incorporated:

Managing Director of the Faction

Kathol Mining Corporation:

Managing Director of the Faction and Senator of Kathol Republic

Drax Industriess:

Managing Director of the Faction and Senator of Kathol Republic

CEO and President Of Drax

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