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Lady Dyvel Price was an Imperial admiral who served as the Minister of Protocol in the Galactic Empire.[1] She allegedly played a key role in the success of Hiram Drayson's Order of Darkness by stealing a large number of Imperial Star Destroyers from the Empire.[2] Following the dissolution of the Order, Dyvel joined the Black Sun organization. She later served as the Principal Administrator of Cloud City circa Year 3.[1]


Born on Coruscant, Dyvel Price enlisted in the Imperial Navy as a young woman and was assigned to the ISD Invincible. Due to her success as a TIE Interceptor pilot, she rose quickly through the ranks and enjoyed an illustrious career that earned her the rank of Admiral. She was bestowed both "The Warlord Award" and the "Imperial Black Heart Award" for her exemplary service.

Leaving her military role while retaining command of the Invincible, Dyvel was appointed Minister of Protocol. She assisted the Minister of Defense and oversaw such varied projects as the Imperial Jedi Training Program, as well as the ambassadorial office.

At one stage, Dyvel served directly alongside Emperor Spytek. However, finding herself embroiled in endless politicking and the schemes of ambitious Imperial officers, Dyvel resigned her post and left Imperial service.

Little is known of her movements during this period, although rumors indicated that she became associated with the Black Sun organization. Eventually, Dyvel re-emerged as the principal administrator of Cloud City, although the extent of her links to both the Galactic Empire and Black Sun remained a subject of much speculation.[1]

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According to legend, Lady Dyvel was a key supporter of former Emperor Drayson's Order of Darkness. In the early years of the Galactic Empire, many believed that Vodo Bonias' influence had irreparably weakened the Empire. In protest, Drayson formed "a purer iteration" of the Empire called the Order of Darkness. At some stage, Lady Dyvel — an admiral in the Imperial Navy — defected to the Order of Darkness with a large number of ships belonging to the Galactic Empire.[2]

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