Dylan Klay was a member of the Rebel Alliance circa Year 1. He continued to serve as a member of this organization until he met Avalon Larkin, the Director of Alliance Intelligence, whom he married. Dylan and Avalon eventually migrated to Renegade Inc.[1]

Klay was reportedly skilled in flying, martial arts, Non-projectile weapons, and repairing ships.[2]


Orphaned at a young age, Dylan struggled to find who he really is. Though seemingly strong on the outside, he harbors deep doubts about his abilities. Born on Tatooine, he was taken under the wing of Admiral Severian Sterling, his father's bodyguard. After a short time, Klay and the Sterling parted ways and Klay became a pilot for hire until he met up with Sterling again. Sterling convinced Klay to join Renegade, Inc. Currently, he's dating Avalon Larkin.[2]

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