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Dred Oodoov hails from the Nautolan homeworld, generally a serious person by nature she is inclined to let her actions speak for her rather than mere words.

She arrived by Wraith transport on Sanyassa and the place has never been the same since. She spent her first year in the Avance Coalition travelling to all corners of the galaxy and although initially making the "wrong" sorts of friends she found kindred spirits and soon became a bit of a social butterfly; some refer to her as the "Green Goddess" and others as "Lady" Dred Oodoov; her close friends and companions get to call her Dreds, a label she prefers above all others.

Although she holds old fashioned ideals and values and abhors premeditated violence she has never hesitated to put herself in harms way for others. She has been known to deal ruthlessly with those that encroach on her personal space or offend her sense of order and calm.

She is notoriously fickle and has a very short attention span so could just as easily be found in Moddell as wandering over some distant planet looking for some obscure item that is currently of interest to her. She dabbles in all sorts of business opportunities in order to fund her interests and loves to invest in smaller groups that are trying to make their mark in the Galaxy.

She is rumoured to own a substantial fleet of ships included in which is the fabled "Claw of the Conciliator" a modified L-500 liner that has been adapted for her role as humanitarian and envoy. Rumours are that the capital ship is exceptionally speedy and once even bested a YT-2000 while responding to a distress signal.

Confirmed facts are that an entire deck of the Claw has been set aside for medical treatment and includes Bacta Tanks for healing grievously wounded sentients as well as a huge contingent of medical droids and Kaminoan medics for more demanding treatment regimes. Ever a realist Dred has also ensured that the "Claw" is also well armed against casual threats and fully capable of protecting the medical contingent against most forms of assault. Security for medical intervention teams and the ship itself is rumoured to include a combination of ECM, ATPTs, Clawdites, battle droids and wookiee rifleman.

She is a founding member of the secretive Chatos Academy, loves all things green or aquatic, is currently unattached and shares Lady Ariana's distaste for fawning men but hopes one day to find her equal.

Old enough to know how to get you into trouble and young enough for it to be worthwhile.
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