The Drakkengard Legion is the second legion within The Jensaarai and was formed by Chuck Merell and Stradt Doombringer. This legion has been considered to have a more Mandalorian feel to it and due to no small part of having a true Mandalorian for an XO. It's commanding officer has (in his past) left a trail of destruction in his wake and his tenacity on the battlefield is renowned in all of SRE.

Mission Edit

To serve and protect Jospro, B3 and Spar by utilizing any and all methods necessary. With Avance goals in mind, the Drakkengard Legion is at the beck and call of the Jen'talar and Saarai-kaar. This unit is based at Mina, but never spends time there, but instead busies themselves with the patrolling of B3, Jospro and Spar to keep the sanctity and peace of those systems. The Drakkengard Legion has pride in the fact that they are the designated first in troops to enter any problem - even if it costs them their lives. Drakkengard troopers are highly versitile. They can work in small groups or complete missions on their own. These troopers have honed their skills to adapt to any situation the battlefield throws at them.

Membership Edit

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