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Joni Yuma


Joni Yuma

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Year 10 Day 99

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Dragon Transport

Dragon (Armored) Transport Services is a now defunctsecurity faction in the Star Wars Combine. Founded on Year 10 Day 99, the faction is currently led by Joni Yuma and Squall Chitose. It was bancrupted by Squall Chitose, after the murder of Joni Yuma


Dragon Transport is a branch of D&D Trading. D&D Trading is a group of traders who banded together to give each other good discounts and try to make the galaxy a better place. Dragon Transport follows this dream. They work with Imperials, Rebels, Pirates and Security forces. Any who come to them with open hands are dealt with fairly.

Dragon Transport is a equal opportunity employer, no race or person is turned away. It doesn't matter if a new recruit is an Eidolan, or a member of the New Imperial Order. When you join Dragon Transport, your past is wiped as clean as you want it to be. It is the future that matters in Dragon Transport.

The Pilots and security forces in Dragon take after their namesake, the fierce Krayt and Kell Dragons. Full well able to take care of themselves, they enjoy rough and tumble play, and are sometimes found hunting each other with stun guns through the swamps and grasslands, through jungles and rocky wastelands. When you join dragon transport you need to be ready for anything.

Dragon was utterly destroyed by the combined efforts of vengeance-hungry Mandalorians and the notorious warlord, Squall Chitose shortly after its formation. He was part of a team, consisting of Mandalorians and himself, who captured and killed Joni Yuma - liquidationg all of its assets into his own pocket. Squall sold the bancrupt company to Vee Null, who renamed it.


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