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Barab I

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D`Este Realty

Dorn Zeke is a valued employee for D`Este Realty.


Dorn is a cold-blooded reptilian creature from the terrestrial planet of Barab I in the Outer Rim Territories. Loyal and honorable, his actions are often dictated by his innate hunting instincts. He expresses emotion — such as amusement or grief — by "sissing." He has hard, dark colored scales, and is usually covered in a thick black cloak.


When he was a youngling, Dorn's parents — Zeke and Lyra — were brutally slain by trophy hunters. Vowing to exact revenge upon their murderers, Dorn allowed himself to be captured by slavers and transported off Barab I as a caged animal.

After exiting hyperspace, the slavers entered standard orbit about Gamma II, an uninhabited planetoid with an astrogation station. It was there that Dorn freed himself and murdered his captors. Due to his sabotage of the latter station, a repair shuttle was dispatched from a civilized planet. Upon the shuttle's arrival, Dorn subsequently commandeered it and effected his escape.

In an attempt to make ends meet, Dorn worked as a trader. Eventually, he was hired by Tapani Starships Cooperative (TSC), a subsidiary of D`Este Realty (DR), as a prospector. He was later promoted to production manager.


Dorn is shares a special bond with the humanoid Edas Zun. Although Zun is a Kuati and Dorn is a Barabel, they have sworn a life debt to each other and are blood brothers according to Barabel tribal culture.

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