Donnie Deffland
Donnie Deffland
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Year 10 Day 139

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Donnie Deffland was a diplomat for the Corporate Sector Authority and, circa Year 7, he was the headstrong leader of Silverhelm Entertainment Media Incorporated. He was personally responsible for improving the public image of the latter news faction and famously reported on key events during the trial of Freedon Mathias. Upon retiring from the Corporate Sector, Deffland briefly served as a journalist in Galaxywide NewsNets.


Growing up on Tatooine, Deffland was born into the rare privileged strata of Mos Eisley society; thus, had access to the finest ships and speeders. He was well-educated in the arts of diplomacy and trade, as well as piloting and tactics. Deffland was a tall man and often wore a jumpsuit. His finely polished boots had a dull shine. He was a handsome man with blue eyes and neatly combed brown hair. He beamed with class, style, and elegance.

Deffland often took trips to neighboring planets as a teenager and garnered a reputation among his other wealthy friends of being rebellious and improper for his status. Once he finished his schooling, he set out to wander the galaxy, not knowing what was to come, but with high ambitions. After serving as a diplomat in the Corporate Sector Authority and as leader of Silverhelm Entertainment Media, Inc., he joined Galaxywide NewsNets. Circa Year 10, he was captured by the Pentastar Alignment. He was executed on Year 10 Day 139.

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