Class: YT-1210 Freighter
Manufacturer: MandalMotors
Hyperspeed: 6
Sublight Speed: 55 MGLT

The first freighter purchased by Siejo Kutol, this ship has many stories to tell. The Deviant Wampa got its name through a contest help with in the Corporate Alliance titled "NAME THAT SHIP!" This involved members submitting funny names and voting on their favorite.

This was the ship Seijo and his brother, Siety, placed on the Sabbacc table for a bet. Siety won the hand, providing Siejo with his second freighter, Dragons Wing. This ship was also used by Nochbo Kitol in his first mission for the Techno Union. The mission was a complete failure in the end, resulting in Nochbos' capture by Silas Haderach. Silas then hijacked the ship to Hutt space. No one knows what his plan was, only that it was stopped when Siejo caught up with him and, after a brief struggle, subdued him and freed Nochbo.

The Deviant Wampa is stock in every way, minus the custom paint job and a mini bar in the cockpit. This ship currently is in orbit in Techno Union space, waiting for more stories to unfold.

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