Deric Adams
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Corellian (Human)




1.84 Meters

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Galactic Empire

Deric Adams is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Imperial Army. He was born on the planet of Corellia to an Imperial soldier, Dominic, and a housewife, Chrissy. After his father died, he followed in his footsteps and enlisted in the Imperial Army. Today, he is currently working with his friends at Terra Stryker Industries.



Deric was born and raised on the planet of Corellia. His father was in the Imperial Army so he was used to the military lifestyle. Luckily, for most of Deric's younger childhood, Dominic was stationed on Corellia and they had to do very little moving around. When Deric was 13, his father was killed in combat, however, the causes of his death are classified. From that point forward, Deric vowed to enlist in the Imperial Army, just as his father had done before him.

Galactic Empire Service

Immediately on his 18th birthday, Deric upheld his vow to his father and enrolled in the Imperial Academy. Upon graduating with a basic degree, he enlisted into the Imperial Army. He was placed in the 1st Legion, however, only for a short while. Soon, he was transferred to the 2nd Legion of the army and there he took up the position of Adjutant. After a year of service, he was promoted to the Executive Officer of the Legion. This was his first real command opportunity, though it would not be his last. Now a 2nd Lieutenant, he took this great opportunity to prove that he was command material, and that is exactly what he did. After the Army went through a reform, Deric was given the opportunity to be the Commanding Officer of his own Brigade. Now a Captain in the Imperial Army, Deric passed his old-man in rank, and felt that he did a great job of upholding his vow. The new Commanding Officer of the 3rd Brigade was soon promoted to the rank of Major and the fun began. He led his troops on many important missions, most of which are classified, and he continued to impress Army High Command of his command abilities. After Brigadier General Mintaka Kyuzo defected to the New Republic, Deric was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and was given the position of Army Adjutant. Next Deric would become the Army XO. Soon after Deric Retired from the Galactic Empire for reasons unknown

Terra Stryker Industries

After Deric retired from the GE he got a call from Adam Diggins, a long friend of Derics. Adam wanted Deric to come and work in TSI. Deric didnt think twice about it and went to TSI. Deric has been in TSI ever since.

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