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Born on Falleen Prime during the time of space exploration, Davvyk Lysander was always looking to the stars. After the great plight and the freeing of his people from Imperial rule, Lysander felt a responsibility to use his expertise as a naval commander to help the Rebel Alliance who had in the Falleen's time of need rendered much needed aid.

Lysander joined as a lieutenant in the Rebel Alliance Navy. He rose through the ranks quickly and took his first command of Conquest Fleet. He eventually was promoted to Naval Commander of the Rebel Alliance and later to Commander of Rebel Alliance Military Operations.

Lysander's most renowned action was when, as Interim Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance, he introduced a free vote system for the eventual election of the Rebel Alliance Supreme Commander so that the members of the Rebel Alliance could choose their leader as opposed to the right of ascension by rank as was the previous rule.

Lysander is now retired from alliance service.


Lysander joined the Star Wars Combine in January 1998. A veteran role-playing enthusiast, Lysander was a member of the notorious Rebel Alliance organization from the first day. He started as a Lt. in the Alliance Navy and quickly showed his merit and worked his way up to Captain and then XO of the Navy under Adm. Spookers.

When Supreme Commander Akira stepped down from the Rebel Alliance, Fox Spookers was chosen to replace him as the Leader, at this time SC Spookers promoted Vice Admiral Lysander to Admiral and placed him as the CO of the Revel Alliance Navy.

During Spookers' tenure as leader of the Rebel Alliance, Lysander was elevated to commander of the Rebel Alliance Navy The NRN Avenging Star was the name of his command ship. During this phase of his career, Lysander raised the power of the Alliance Navy to levels never seen before. Be increased the power of the Alliance Navy 3 fold. Later, Lysander served as Chief Military Officer (CMO) under serval other several Supreme Commanders Shae Briston, David Salohah, Relm Hesek, Max Fors (2002-2003). When Fors resigned, Lysander did so as well. The new Supreme Commander, Avatar Voidrunner, selected Chrono Van Talisman to succeed Lysander as the CMO for the Rebel Alliance.

Davvyk Lysander would then be named as the first Governor of the Alliance home system Republica. After a year's service as governor Davvyk took a sabatical on his homeworld of Falleen Prime.

Davvyk Lysander now works diligently with several groups in the Galactic Alliance; awlays fighting for freedom and to end the tyranny of the Galactic Empire


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