In deep space... no one can hear you scream. And it's for this reason that the mysterious figure known as DaSaed chose to build the luxury space colony known as Deep Space Resort - eXtravagance 15, or DSR-X15 for short, in just such a location and converted it into the gambling resort and spa that it is today.

Consisting of 40 penthouse suites, more than 100 luxury suites and ample crew quarters the resort is capable of hosting well over 300 sentients in not only comfort, but luxury as well.

DSR-X15 houses one of the most up to date casinos in the galaxy and has been the stage for many high stakes events that draw sentients from across the galaxy to compete and look in on these high pressure events. Indeed the resort has become one of the entertainment hot spots of the known galaxy and these events have helped it to remain among the most up to date and well maintained stations in the galaxy.

The station was built in neutral territory not to escape the laws of galactic governments, but as a strategic method to truly provide the escape the luxury resort was intended to provide from its conceptual days. Indeed it has done well to serve exactly this purpose becoming the hot spot for the jet set nobles of the galaxy and a staging ground for political actions of disputing governments to talk out matters in an area of discretion and luxury while escaping the conflict torn worlds that dot the galaxy.

However DSR-X15 is not the safe haven that many would expect it to be. While allowing guest to register as they wish, so long as they have the credits to pay for their stay, they still comply when governments in search of criminals come knocking... so long as they adhere to their rules and agree to security escort.

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