DLD Enterprises was an investment group formed by Rekka Deott, Hanz Lightbringer, and Kurva Darksword. The enjoyed great success in the trading world, and had a very successful chain of hotels and taverns located on several worlds.

During the height of their success, they had numerous employees. Deakon Jarvis was hired as an advisor, and to assist in recruiting. Tegan Antilles was also hired, working part-time as an artist for the needs of the company. A young Thyferran, Bento Hadaar, was employed as a pilot for the group, and he was a great asset.

When it became apparent that the group needed to expand, Azarin Isard was brought in as a junior partner. It is during this time that the group laid claim to 2 planets. Azzi Blackgate and Kit Lorcan also became involved, both in advisory roles.

The group gradually dissolved, due to other projects the various members were involved in.

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