Cyrus Cloudwalker

Cyrus Cloudwalker

Cyrus Cloudwalker was the ninth recorded leader of the Rebel Alliance (2001 - 2002), and later paradoxically served as Director of Imperial Intelligence in the Galactic Empire. He may also have been a member of the Imperial Core.


Cyrus joined the Rebel Alliance Logistic Fleet and later transferred to the Alliance Navy. After receiving several promotions, he took "a second job dealing with communications." He was later elevated to a position in the Rebel Alliance High Command, and was soon elected President. However, his term ended sourly when he was impeached and accused of treason on Year 3 Day 76.

Cyrus then joined Biotech Solutions Incorporated. After several years passed, he joined the Hapes Consortium as Minister of Education.

He later joined the Empire where he served as Director of Imperial Intelligence.


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