Cybot Galactica
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Jaxom Sky

Second in Command
  • Jyncs Tahogah
  • Aquila Krulnar
Historical Information

Year 6 Day 199

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Production, Droids




Cybot Galactica

Cybot Galactica


Cybot Galactica the Premiere Droid Producer in the galaxy. Specializing in many humanoid droid forms, most notably the 3PO line. As well as several worker droid such as the WED, or the LIN Miner.

Our staff is bright, courteous, and hard working. We strive to bring you high quality droids for all needs, at affordable prices.

Customer service and satisfaction are priority. With full construction and production services an a whole host of others, we also are proud to have on time guarantees to make sure your order is ready when you need it.

Cybot welcomes all forms of life to purchase our products, work in our factories, or serve as management, and are neutral to all. Our droids are built to last and perform to the highest standard. Choose Cybot for all your droid needs because if you don't, well... you may just end up with a garbage can on wheels.....


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