Creshaldyne Industries is personal item company which services the galaxy. Creshaldyne is a new company that existed in the days of the Old Republic, but as the economic and political situation became bad, Creshaldyne experiences problems.

Senator Malakai Brooks of the Kathol Republic, purchased the rights to the company with a team of venture capitalists and refounded the business with the intention of serving the Kathol Republic and greater galaxy.

The company was formed by Senator Malakai Brooks Year 8 Day 33., one year to the day of its sister faction, Uukaablis Trans-Systems, a vehicle producer. Since the demise of Senator Brooks The company has fallen into the hands of the CEO/Senator Elm Aran and major stock holder and former CEO Of Drax Industries. Creshaldyne continues it`s close Association with the Minc Group of companys comprising of Drax and sister company of Uukaablis Trans-Systems.

Senator Brooks on the day of the creation, explained that he wanted to expand the industrial capacity of the Kathol Republic. In the formation of the item production faction, he was giving the Republic a long term production capacity of items that will help his people thrive and survive in such a turbulent galaxy. Further, he stated that he fully believed that the galaxy will require the products and services that Creshaldyne will and can provide.

Creshaldyne currently is based on Kathol, but works out of Storthus in the Churba Sector. The company has released its wide variety of products to the public. Please view our products lines for further details on types and prices.

Those who have the best equipment will win the war, will survive and will be the ones who dominate in the years to come. With Creshaldyne equipping you have faith that you are being equipped with the best made by the best.

More information will be made public in the coming future. Please stay tuned.

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