The Corstris system is a very cold system. The weak sun barely provides enough energy to sustain life on both orbiting planets. Very small amounts of vegetation can be found; even fewer animals and creatures, from which only Tauntauns are widely known throughout the rest of the galaxy. The system is very widespread. Corstris' rarity is a system-wide planetary eclipse when both of the planets and their twin companions line up with each other. Each planet has its own twin. The population in the Corstris system is very low. Only a few explorers can be found on the cold planet surfaces and several men are always on the planet Argebrant to try and salvage as much gas as they can from its very rare gas mines.

System InformationEdit

  • Coordinates: (178, 24)
  • Suns: 1
  • Planets: 7
  • Moons: 0
  • Asteroid fields: 0

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