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[12:32:50] Alex_Tylger: Norway :P

[12:32:56] `SyN`: fjords

[12:33:19] Alex_Tylger: Yeah, I see the Oslo Fjord from my window, eh :P

[12:33:42] Hume: oh lucky you

[12:33:47] Alex_Tylger: I know

[12:33:49] `SyN`: I see a saguaro from my window

[12:33:54] Alex_Tylger: And the colosseum...

[12:34:08] zeblork: I see an old hockey net from my window... not very impressive is it?

[12:34:11] Hume: I can see my garden from my window

[12:34:22] Alex_Tylger: I can see a lot from my window...

[12:34:27] Hume: I cant

[12:34:31] Hume: I have my blinds closed

[12:34:46] Cmdr_Jarik_Tebis: i cant see above the leadge to my window but if i could i would see the hosue acrows the street eh

[12:34:56] Hume: I dont have a window.. the men in white coats dont let us have them

[12:35:06] `SyN`: So you only THINK you see your garden.

[12:35:18] Hume: Oh.. I have a garden in my room..

[12:35:19] zeblork: It's painted onto the wall isn't it?

[12:35:22] `SyN`: Oh

[12:35:44] * Hume listens to the voices in his head

[12:36:14] * `SyN` listens to the voices in Hume's head

[12:36:23] zeblork: You should both be locked up.

[12:36:30] Cors_Jonsin: they are

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