Coronet City was the capital of Corellia. Often referred to as "The Jewel of Corellia", Coronet was a bustling urban metropolis located on the coast of the southernmost continent. It was a technologically advanced city with beautiful architecture, but its urban development paled in comparison to Coruscant.

In keeping with Corellia's spacefaring heritage, Coronet's spaceport was second to none. Coronet was also home to the headquarters of CorSec and was heavily patrolled, although patrols were somewhat lighter in the Blue Sector, a rough section of town filled with cantinas, tattoo parlors, casinos, and fences, where offworlders tended to congregate. The famous Treasure Ship Row was a large bazaar located just inside Blue Sector and was famous for offering just about anything a customer could desire, legal or otherwise. Underneath Coronet's mazelike city streets lay a vast underground series of tunnels and caverns, where the Selonian population lived and worked. Snaking its way among the Selonian caverns was the subway system. The Corellian Space Museum was also located in Coronet City, filled with artifacts from the earliest history of space flight. The Corellian Stock Exchange was also located there

The Blue Sector was a section of Coronet City with a reputation as a dangerous part of town. Treasure Ship Row was located there. Despite its reputation as Corellia's most dangerous area, given the high crime rate, it was where most offworlders tended to visit. Its name derived from Blue Sky Boulevard, the main road leading into it from downtown. Blue Sector was dotted with cantinas, tattoo parlors, fences, casinos, flophouses, brothels, and pawn shops. A large junkyard on the outskirts of Blue Sector was referred to by the locals as "the Pit," where it was rumored that "organic drop-offs" were buried alongside metal scrap and chemical waste.

Treasure Ship Row, or simply the Row, was a large, open-air shopping mall located in Coronet City's Blue Sector on Corellia. The shop was always filled with crowds of people, as Treasure Ship Row offered everything for consumers. From food shops to clothing stores to cantinas (such as the Fel Swoop) to antique stores, Treasure Ship Row was one of Coronet's finer locations, despite its location in Coronet's notoriously dangerous Blue Sector. It was located near an apartment complex.

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