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CorSec is a notable government in the Star Wars Combine and, prior to its metamorphosis into a galactic polity, was a paramilitary security force. The organization was founded in the early years of the simulation by Eli LaSalle, who turned it over to its second leader, "Moose." By Year 2, CorSec was led by a loyal officer known as Death.

Two years later, Death stepped down and Kevin Chambers assumed leadership of the faction as High Marshall. Chambers would remain its leader for many years to come and his name would be indelibly linked with the collective. On Year 9 Day 289, CorSec transformed itself from a respected security faction into a full-fledged legal government.

Since the departure of Moose, CorSec has been a staunch ally of the Galactic Empire in order to maintain the safety of the Corellian Sector. Currently, the leader of CorSec is High Marshall Kevin Chambers, and his second-in-command is Admiral Airgead Brocair.


The Corellian Security Force. The very name strikes fear into pirates, smugglers, thieves and other scum of the galaxy. Join the cause to fight for justice, order, and help us bring down piracy wherever we encounter it!

Our mandate is to keep the Corellian Sector safe. That being said, we will sometimes look and act outside of our sector when necessary for a cause we believe in or for something that will make the galaxy, and therefore by extension the Corellian Sector, a safer and better place. CorSec is both a government in its own right for 10 systems and dozens of planets as well as the security force working to protect all the GE planets in the sector.

CorSec has 4 divisions: CSI, Fleet, TAC and government.

Corellian Security Investigations(CSI for short) is the division charged with information, whether it be gathering or interpreting. As such, C.S.I. mandate is twofold; to acquire and analyze information pertaining to the internal and external security of the Corellian Sector.

Fleet is the division responsible for all starships used by CorSec and all information pertaining to them. Fleet`s main responsibility is to preserve the peace of the sky above Corellia and its system. But our mandate covers the entire sector so we patrol all of it.

Tactical Assault Commandos(TAC for short) TAC isn`t Panzy 101, FAR FROM IT! We`re here to train you and make your lives miserable during the day, and have the biggest party in the outer rim at night!

Government is the division responsible for prospecting, RM hauling, facility and station construction and diplomacy.


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