Founded on Year 7 of Day 258, Colonial Recycling Corporation (CRC) started like as a nationalised faction. After many different leaders and owners, CRC was on the verge of bankruptcy. A non-faction-group led by Troon Kebris and Jaden Bushido bought the faction on the date Year 8 Day 340 from the previous owner, saving CRC from certain collapse. Reopening the doors for business, CRC is the newest Independent Recycling faction to open for business in the galaxy. At CRC the number one goal is customer satisfaction. operating out of our main business centre of Averyon, CRC plans to offer many services such as: recycling of useless facilities and stations, recycling of wrecks, ship rentals, production, power supply and construction services. Eventually CRC hopes to provide transportation and logistics services as well. CRC will hire out mainly small vessel logistics as well as some raw materials haulers. The primary vessels used for these tasks will be the venerable YT-1210 and the massive Gallofree Medium Transport.

CRC can also produce the fighters most commonly known as "Uglies." These X-Tie, Y-TIE, and TIE-Wing fighters can be produced very cheaply and efficiently. These fighters will make up the backbone of CRC defense fleets. This gives CRC the flexibility to either grow their own fleets or sell them for the increased income from the production of these fighters. As a recycling faction CRC will also produce the enormous wrecker droids and the useful Salvager. They will be looking to team up with a mining faction sometime in the very near future to be able to provide even more flexibility with their services.

While opting to stay out of most politics CRC hopes to remain neutral and offer their services to any interested parties. They are a part of Ailon United, joining other factions such as TransGalMeg, Centerra Mining, D'este Realty and the Government, Ailon Nova Guard. Here at CRC we believe in treating our members like full associates. You are not just a number or a faceless asset. You are treated with respect and like the important cog in the wheel you really are. CRC looks to use its construction department to facilitate its rapid growth and development. With several separate operational bases already established and more soon to be under way, CRC is looking to solidify their presence in the market place, returning them to their glory days and becoming the true goliath of the industry.

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