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Cody Maverick is a former Jedi Knight who in turn has turned away from the path of the dark and the light because of his aggressive composition. His father and mother were killed when the Dark Lord Malak had a bounty hunter kill them because he knew the jedi might turn away from the light and into the dark but he held his position and gave up the Force to search for the Dark Lord Malak and his bounty hunter. Cody Maverick still searches for the bounty hunter today.

His constant search for the bounty hunter has brought him to his home planet Dorin in the Fakir sector because his ship was destroyed and crashed there. He never found the bounty hunter but he will keep trying for a chance of revenge. If he ever gets revenge he may become a Jedi Knight.


Cody Maverick has sworn revenge against a bounty hunter for killing his parents he has solemn, aggressive, and some what nice disposition which restricts him from being a Jedi Knight or a Sith Lord. He once was a Jedi Knight but turned away from the Force once his parents were killed. He has done freelancing in the past years but now is requesting to join a faction. He is an excellent fighter but easily aggravated and works alone on missions but on some special cases he will take a partner or a small squadron of droids.

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