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CorSec Agent 3rd Class: Cloak Lightrunner

At the age of 15 (standard years) Cloak returned home from school to witness his mother being murdered by a Dark Jedi. Adding to this atrocity, the Dark Jedi turned to Cloak with a twisted smile asking "How is my Son?" Horrified at this question and the days events, Cloak fled his home on Corellia and stowed aboard a spice freighter to Tattooine(where he developed his habit for spice).
After searching for his grandfather (on his fathers side) whom his mother once told him was a powerful Jedi, and having no such luck, he contacted CorSec via holo-link and applied for work. Shortly after passing the interview stage, CorSec sent transportation for him........he would now be returning to his home planet where all his nightmares began.
Cloak quickly completed the CorSec training Academy, and has worked his way to the rank of Agent Third Class, and continues to strive to climb even higher. Now with a purpose in life, and with the family he has found in CorSec, Cloak hopes to keep Corellia safe..........and perhaps one day be able to avenge his moth

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