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Cliff Chan
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Unknown - Presumably Commenor

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1.78 m

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Political Information

Galactic Empire

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A man bearing no distinguishing marks at all and keeps himself well dress and groomed as a habit. He prefers wearing a uniform in public, although usually not bearing a rank.

Not a charismatic person by any means. He is unnaturally calm and does not react to situations very predictably.


Although Chan did spend most of his younger life on Commenor, it was not his true homeworld. He and his parents had immigrated to Commenor from another world due to a relatively unknown war some time ago. At the present time however, only Chan himself knows from which world he originated.

Chan at the University of Commenor

Chan's parents made their living on Commenor as merchant traders as Commenor was part of the primary galactic trade routes. Indeed, many families on Commenor were traders or merchants. It was an easy way to make credits and the Chan family was never short of them. In a short time, the family had already amassed a huge fortune approaching that of what would be considered a "noble" family of other worlds. As the business expanded and new marketing opportunities were harnessed, the family came to possess a small fleet of ships to themselves to make trading runs thoughout the sector and sometimes beyond.

Being the only child, young Chan was the heir to the estate and had the best of everything his considerable wealth could afford. Preparatory schools, private tutors, even his own personal H-type Yacht.

This was the highest point in his life. He had just begun his courses at the University on Commenor to study galactic economics to take over the family business. The future could not have looked better.

The Turning Point

Whenever Chan got the chance, he would accompany his father on business trips or trading runs to remote outposts on the Outer Rim. Chan much preferred the trips to the outposts and this was one such trip. He had learned much about the galaxy from these trips.

Now the Chan family trade business invovled a little more than simple fetch and deliver runs. Occasionally, the family was contracted by government or private interests to deliver supplies and personnel (legally of course) to colonies, outposts, or research stations. The usual delivery convoy consisted of mainly several Corellian Corvette-class ships and Bulk Freighters. Of course, the outpost runs were much more hazardous than the Core-ward trips and so all ships were required to have offensive capability.

Since this was a delivery commissioned by the Empire, a few Imperial escort ships had been assigned to the convoy to make sure the cargo made it to it's destination. The escort was a minimal force compared to the convoy they were assigned to protect and consisted of two Carrack-class light cruisers and one squadron of 12 TIE fighters. Chan had been in contact with Imperial escorts many times before on other trips, and had come to respect them. It was because of this that Chan decided to make this trip on board on of the Carrack cruisers.

It was when the convoy dropped out of hyperspace that they were attacked. Three dozen Rebel X-wings fighters and a Nebulon-B Frigate stolen from the Empire. The Frigate sent a message to the lead Corvette that the Imperial equipment they were carrying would be seized by the Rebel Alliance and to drop their cargo and surrender to the Rebels. Chan's father refused to do so saying that he was on legitimate business and that he would not agree to the demands of terrorists. The Rebels immediately fired upon the lead Corvette - killing Chan's father. The convoy returned fire, but only got a few of the fighters. The X-wings tore into the Corvettes and shredded another one of them into space dust. Several Bulk Freighters were also destroyed. The Imperial pilots in their TIEs and the Carracks faired much better. They destroyed all of the remaining X-wings despite being outnumbered. The Nebulon-B Frigate realized that it was outmatched and made a jump to hyperspace, but the damage had been done.

Many of the Bulk Freighters had been destroyed and those that were left were heavily damaged, but rest of the Corvettes only sustained minor damage. They did not matter to Chan. What mattered was that the Rebel Alliance had murdered his father. Not only that, they had done it for nothing.

Shorty after this event, Chan returned home to Commenor to try and save his family's company and reputation. He returned to chaos.

The Battle of Commenor had already begun and the Empire could not hold the planet much longer. Chan raced to the family estate but found that the Rebels had already been there. There was a message left at the entrance that stated the Rebels were now the legitimate government on the planet and that this property has been confiscated by the Alliance because it's owner was believed to be sympathetic to the Empire. When he entered, he found nothing. The Rebels had looted the entire estate. Only seemingly worthless items of sentamental value were left behind. To assume that the family business was now dead would not be so unimaginable. Those that he had cared about was no where to be found. The estate's security bunkers were empty, but there were signs that indicated people had been living down there for quite a while before abandoning it and there was yet hope that his remaining family still lived. The family still had a considerable amount of credits in a secure account that was to be used in time of emergency so if they had left, they would still be well taken care of for years. But the dream was over. The life he had known was now gone.

The Battle of Commenor would see the installment of a Rebel government on Commenor for years to come. With nothing left, his company ruined, his entire estate confiscated, and his remaining family gone into hiding, Chan turned to the only hope he saw of peace and order in the galaxy - the Galactic Empire.

In the Service of the Empire

In the halls of the Imperial Military Academy on Coruscant (now Universitas Imperius) Chan received basic training given to all Imperial recruits. Chan was slighty older than most of the recruits in the Academy because most others would have joined much earlier in life than he did.

Chan in Imperial Army dress uniform

Chan was very impressed with his tutor in the Academy who was in the Imperial Army. Chan decided his place was in the Army and so was transferred to the Imperial Army Training Academy to continue his studies. After graduation, he was inducted into the ranks of the Army.

Chan did not draw much attention to himself as an enlisted soldier, but he did make somewhat of an impression with the commanders of his Legion. Afterward he was given a series of rapid promotions (some through mostly good fortune). When it was decided that he was a capable soldier, he was commissioned as an officer directly under his former tutor.

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First Lieutenant [O-2]