Cliff Chan
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1.78 m

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Galactic Empire

A man bearing no distinguishing marks at all and keeps himself well dress and groomed as a habit. He prefers wearing a uniform in public, although usually not bearing a rank.

Not a charismatic person by any means. He is unnaturally calm and does not react to situations very predictably.


Although Chan did spend most of his younger life on Commenor, it was not his true homeworld. He and his parents had immigrated to Commenor from another world due to a relatively unknown war some time ago. At the present time however, only Chan himself knows from which world he originated.

Chan's parents made their living on Commenor as merchant traders as Commenor was part of the primary galactic trade routes. Indeed, many families on Commenor were traders or merchants. It was an easy way to make credits and the Chan family was never short of them. In a short time, the family had already amassed a huge fortune approaching that of what would be considered a "noble" family of other worlds. As the business expanded and new marketing opportunities were harnessed, the family came to possess a small fleet of ships to themselves to make trading runs thoughout the sector and sometimes beyond.

Being the only child, young Chan was the heir to the estate and had the best of everything his considerable wealth could afford. Preparatory schools, private tutors, even his own personal H-type Yacht.

This was the highest point in his life. At this time, Chan was a very agreeable and mild-mannered person. Soon he would be attending the University on Commenor to study galactic economics to take over the family business. The future could not have looked better.

The Turning Point

In the Service of the Empire


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