Citadel Station, a large orbital station, was a peaceful place, which housed many of the galaxies less well off. Many of the people of the Citadel were members of the TSF, full name being “Telos Security Force.” Naturally, the station orbited Telos IV and was a peaceful place full of cantinas, swoop racing events, shops, and a level made for apartments available to the few who could afford them. It was in times of turmoil and war, which had long since been shunned from the Citadel.

However, recently, the Citadel began to become shorthanded and would soon come to lose many TSF officers. It was a quiet night, where everything was calm when the Sith decided to strike out of the darkness with their full force. It was a devastating battle indeed; many warriors lost their lives at the Battle Over Citadel Station. Trent Hackworth was one of the first to fight for the Citadel’s freedom, him being a resident that would not easily give up his home.

Despite the TSF’s and Trent’s effort, the Citadel had lost to the Sith. Mysteriously and without reason after putting the Citadel in ruined state, they vanished and were never seen again. Trent Hackworth was one of the survivors, who stayed behind and got on his knees inside the ruined Citadel. He came to the conclusion that he could do nothing, but that didn’t stop him.

Trent Hackworth, a simple man looking to make his mark in the galaxy. A man who lived on the Citadel Station for a good portion of his life who wasn’t ready to let go. With a little determination and the right amount of credits worked for years and gathered credits and assets to rebuild the Citadel into what it is today…

The Citadel Station Database. This is what Trent envisioned for the Citadel and this is what came true with determination and the love for his home. Citadel Station Data base is back and fully functional. Serving a different purpose for the galaxy, the Citadel is slowly gaining its respect from the people of this galaxy.

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