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Physical Description Edit

Average sized human Male. Short cropped brown hair. Scar from above left eye, down to jaw line.

Early History Edit

Chuck was born on the freighter his parents used to haul people and goods all over the galaxy. It was a hard life for Chuck traveling constantly, but it gave him a wealth of real galaxy experience. After his parents deaths, Chuck joined up with a rag tag group of Pirates, raiding ships in imperial space. Not long after almost being killed by and Imperial ambush, Chuck joined up with the Wraiths. After being trained by Mojira Topoli, and Jenca Ketur, Chuck was assigned to battle group Vanguard with the rank of Oudeis. It was soon after this, on Chucks first assingment that he meet up with Jedi Knight Avid Soyak. The former Wraith Horator informed Chuck that he was force sensitive. This would surely be a new chapter in Chucks Life. It was in seeking his self that Chuck was began to seek Benethor Drago, to learn from him the teachings of the true way of the force. How ever that was not to be as Benethor destroyed himself to save his apprentice. Chuck arrived just in time to stop Jojoban Mosque's ship from smashing into the planet below the tears point station. Chuck began to learn from Jojo the ways of the true force, and the Jensaarai tradition.

The Jensaarai Edit

Chuck was given command of Drakkengard Legion, and was proud to shape the Legions destiny. After the events on Basalisk and Deveron, Chuck stepped down from his role as Drakkengard CO.

"'Equipment'" Edit

Dual Red Lightsabers.

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