Christopher Griffin
Biographical information


Date of birth

Year 6, Day 324

Physical description





200 cm

Eye color

Last Known Colour Gold

Political information

Senior Member Of Association for Mayagil Sovereignty,Order Of Krath

Christopher Griffin was born of the planet of Cona. In his early youth he was pulled into the planet's salt trade. Christopher soon became addicted to the salt. However, unlike many others that had been brought into the trade, Christopher was able to keep his head straight. At the age of 16, Christopher bought his first ship to explore the galaxy with. His first ship was a Y-Tie called The Falling Arcona. Christopher spent the next five years of his life in this small fighter. He finally managed to make enough money to buy a larger ship for himself. A YT-1300 called The Crashing Arcona. This ship served Christopher well for another six months. He then traded his 1300 because of the lack of sensor power for a YT-1210 called The Shadow Of Light. This craft served Christopher for another year. Christopher had managed to save up enough credits to buy the plans for his final ship a YT-510. Christopher built this last ship with his own six fingers in one of The Exchanges factory's. This ship was also called The Shadow of Light. No matter how many times Christopher transfers ships he all ways repaints his new ship the same as the last a dark red and blue.

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