Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Company Edit

Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Company is a medical, chemical, and pharmaceutical equipment conglomerate dedicated to providing life-saving technology galaxy-wide. Whether by supplying powerful military hospitals or distributing basic healthcare equipment to communities in need, Chiewab is at the forefront of ensuring top-notch medical care is available in these troubled times.

Chiewab is also renowned for its research and exploration efforts. Working with an extensive staff of researchers, pharmacologists, and explorers, Chiewab is always developing new medicines and technologies based on discoveries from the laboratory and the remotest jungles of Wild Space. After an exciting period of reinvestment and seeking new partners, Chiewab is undergoing to renaissance of development and recruitment, with plans to expand production lines to meet the growing public demand for medical technology.

Although during this period Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Company has put new production on a brief hiatus, the group has already begun research into top-quality medical products for future distribution, and is actively seeking new clientele from all quarters of the galaxy. If you have any questions, please contact CEO Riley Moonrigger.

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