Centrepoint Space Station

Type of the faction: Services, Trading

Founded on: Year 0 Day 257

Leader of the faction: Togan Jano

Description: The Core, in this vast ocean in which those who seek an independent life swim through. Each nestled in its own small enclave, deep within the black depths, at the centre of these enclaves, there is light. To port, small navigational lights blink in and out of existence. Flashes of red and green, within these flashes, empty darkness is broken by angular cells of light, reflecting a dim, silver surface enclosing them. A glow baths the mysterious correlation of lights, revealing a dim circular hull. Also appearing are many small freighters and other craft, flying to and from the station. In the light the form of an orbital space station stands, shining in the glow. Offering unity to all those who live independently, the bright centre in the depths of endless space: Centrepoint Space Station. Providing a centre of trading for all species and groups with offices, apartments, and taverns for them. If you are after a base for your dealing, Centrepoint is the perfect location. We have administration areas that can be leased to business leaders, or Cargo arrangements. Centrepoint is the ideal rendezvous for convoys. Cargo can be stored on the station, or our fleet can deliver your goods. Other services are also catered for at Centrepoint, the station has full facilities for repairs, medical, defense, storage, and accommodations for both pilot, and ship.

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Centrepoint Station

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