Centauri Tyridius
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Date of birth

Year 4, Day 238

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200 cm

Eye color


Political information

Trade Federation, Confederacy of Independent Systems

Centauri Tyridius is a notable member of the Trade Federation.

Career History Edit

Part of the clan Centauri, Tyridius quickly made his way up the business ladder. When Viceroy Esco took control of the Trade Federation, Tyridius changed dramatically, inspired by the Viceroy's policies of peace and prosperity through integrity and honesty.

Leading the way as part of the upper echelons of the new order under Viceroy Cyan, Tyridius slowly moved into greater heights, taking advantage of numerous business opportunities eventually reaching the position of Admiral of the Navy.

With the return of Viceroy Esco, Tyridius took the reins of the Trade Federation Defence Forces and led the Federation's defence forces in successful defence campaigns against the Empire in the GE/CIS War.

With the rise of Viceroy Morgarr, Tyridius took the position of Duceroy, second in command of the Trade Federation. In that position, Tyridius flourished, spearheading numerous development projects dramatically increasing the financial fortunes of the Federation. After a year of service under Viceroy Morgarr, Tyridius retired to lead a less stressful lifestyle. He would leave the Federation in a far greater condition than when he began as Duceroy. His retirement led to the successful bid for the position of Ombudsman.

After a excellent first term as Ombudsman Tyridius took up a position as Vice Chairman of the IGBC. Due to personal reasons, Chairman Rarraf eventually decided to step down and promote Tyridius to the position of Chairman. As the leader of one of the prominent banks in the galaxy, Tyridius managed to turn a healthy profit out of the bank within days of taking the reigns.

At the decision of the Trade Federation Cabinet, the IGBC and all its assets were integrated into the Trade Federation in order to streamline government services. Tyridius was then promoted to Sector Governor of Centrality a position of great potential.

With is promotion to Sector Governor, Tyridius was also given the prestigious position of Regent of the Trade Federation. Officially the position of Regent has no power, but should something happen to the Viceroy, the Regent will assume the position of Viceroy and have the power to select the next Viceroy of the Trade Federation.

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